Make a statement in Oakland by voting for Einstein.

Voting for Einstein is very simple, write-in "Einstein" or "Einsten the dog."
According to the City Clerk, this is okay and will not void you ballot.

Einstein represents most of us, the masses, the oppressed and mostly forgotten.

Well, if you would like to find out where your polling place is, you may want to try this locator:  -Works, we tested. :)


John Burnett
11/04/2014 12:00am

I MUST protest your decision to run a dog for mayor. You should run a KITTY! Bad Kitty can be a very good kitty, he will even sit in your lap and purr - all 220 lbs. of him. Bad Kitty can also quickly dispatch vicious capitalist oligarchs - with a swift killing bite to the back of the neck, instantly followed by a ripped open jugular vein with his handy 1" claws. I'd attach a pic of Bad Kitty, but there is no place here to do that. Also 2 brief accounts from a buddy in AR who has actually lived with cougars (the cat kind) for 25 years.


04/17/2017 12:52am

Love Einstein always


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